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5 major signs your brickwork needs repointing or replacing

Just as tidy clothes glorify our appearance, neat brickwork compliments the aesthetics of our homes.

Similarly, Just as our clothes need to be washed off and ironed to stay clean, brickwork needs repointing in a timely order to remain sharp and prepossessing.

However, we may often ignore the brickwork repointing needs, unlike our clothes! And that damages the charming features and sturdy frame of your brickwork and may repair/repointing cost you dimes may increase.

Your brickwork will need appropriate treatment on time to retain durability that lasts long. Hence, Keeping brickwork under check is pivotal and may save you bucks in the long term.

Alright, so now you know the importance of timely brickwork maintenance, But how will you know when the right time to call professional housemakers is?

Below discussed, 5 indicators should alert you about the deteriorating condition of brickwork.

Efflorescence: spontaneous loss of Water by a hydrated salt

It may sound like a jargon term to you, but Efflorescence is common condition brickwork may face.

Efflorescence refers to a white crystalline salts deposit that forms on brickwork as Water with dissolved salts rises to the surface.

Typically Efflorescence doesn't damage the brickwork but ruins its appearance, making it look unattractive. And who would want to disturb the appeal of their brickwork?

Repointing your brickwork is the best way to keep Efflorescence away. Plus, the brickwork gains firmness and resistance for the years to come.

In some cases, though, the assembled frame of brickwork may cause Efflorescence to occur frequently. In such a case, replacing the brickwork is usually the best option.

Damaged Bricks

Damaged brickwork may be a serious threat to your safety as an impaired brick(s) let moisture penetrate your home and could even compromise wall structural integrity.

Also, the damaged brickwork appears unattractive and fragile.

You should immediately call the mortar work specialist to settle the issue.

Damaged bricks may not always cost you a dime.

In some cases, with the usage of lime mortar in the brickwork, the brickwork naturally adapts to the damage. But, seriously damaged bricks may need to be cut out and replaced at the earliest.

Of Course, a mortar work specialist will assist you in making the right decision.

Failed or Unsuitable Pointing

Brickwork is an art job that includes various pointing styles.

While most frames offer robust protection and arresting appearance to the wall, some may lead to accidental damage to the walls.

Typically such instances occur when modern cement mortar is used for the pointing instead of traditional lime mortar.

Modern cement mortars may trap moisture and force it to emerge on the brick faces (frozen portion). Ultimately crumbling the brick surfaces.

An Inappropriately Cleaned Surface

Periodic brickwork cleaning ensures that their surface remains neat and shiny. However, leaving out primary cautions could damage the brickwork.

Methods that are not suitable for brickwork cleaning are:

Chemical Cleaning: Say no to harsh chemicals as they could leave stains on your shiny brickwork.

Abrasive cleaning: This method could pull out the protective-fired surface of bricks.

Usage of Water: We just discussed how Efflorescence could ruin the appearance of your brickwork. Hence, Water is a big no!

There are better formulations and methods for brickwork cleaning. Consider discussing with a specialist. Even if you are a DIY person, first test the method on a small area.


Who likes Damp? The Unwanted moisture makes your wall and other elements go fragile and anesthetic.

Did you find crumbling plaster on walls, or your timber flooring has started decaying, then it's time for you to consider a repointing service.

Rising dampness is a serious concern that needs early treatment. Also, penetrating dampness results from inadequate brickwork pointing as water leaks make it shift from a higher part of your home to another part further down.

But with brickwork specialists like DVN, you get industry-leading brickwork pointing service in Berkshire and London.

Want to learn more?

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