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About Us

We are DVN

We are a team of home renovators.  

Vlad and the rest of us love to keep our hands busy with construction and decoration work every day.


Who’s Vlad, you ask?


Vlad is our leader and owner at DVN. He loves to bring innovation in repointing techniques and materials (that come out far from the ordinary) and engage in inventive tasks that are revolutionary and future-centric. 


We are brickwork specialists


We specialise in brickwork repointing, brick restoration, brick cleaning, chimney repair, and traditional lime mortar pointing (Natural Hydraulic Lime) in and around the London area.



Full list of services you can avail of at DVN


  1. House pointing

  2. Repairing brickwork

  3. House repointing

  4. Brick pointing

  5. Repointing brickwork

  6. lime mortar pointing

  7. brick repairs

  8. brick pointing

  9. cement pointing

  10. repointing

  11. pointing

  12. Guttering



We, the tradesmen at DVN, believe in sublimity, and Our motto is simply awesome; bringing your home back to life.

We are professional gentlemen and gentlewomen committed to building attractive designs and homes guided by a polished man - Vlad.

DVN is steadfast at providing you with a hassle and stress-free service. Peace of mind Guaranteed.

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