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Plastering VS Pointing

While both plastering and pointing are important to keep our house firm and attractive, you must know the difference between the two. As having the right knowledge will help you make a balanced decision and save good money.

Below we have stated six point-wise differences for your easy understanding.

Point No. 1: Benefits

​ Plastering is done to protect exposed surfaces.

​ Pointing is carried out to fill masonry joints with mortar.

Point No. 2: Application

​Plastering is applied on both external and internal surfaces.

​Pointing is applied only on external surfaces.

Point No. 3: Raw Material Used

​Plastering is generally composed of sand, cement, or lime mortar.

​Pointing is done with cement mortar or lime mortar, or both together.

Point No. 4: Quantity

​Plastering requires more quantity of mortar per unit area than pointing.

​ Pointing requires less quantity of mortar per unit area than plastering.

Point No. 5: Purpose

​Plastering covers all the defects in masonry work.

​Pointing upgrades the beauty of well build masonry.

Point No. 6: Coverage

​ Plastering acts as a base for white/color wash.

​Pointing does not act as a base for coatings.

These are some fine differences a common man should know between plastering and pointing. We to have covered all your major doubts regarding these two services.

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