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Repointing Brickwork in United Kingdom: The Cost Guide

Оновлено: 22 черв. 2022 р.

Are you bothered by the repointing cost?

Are you looking for a detailed guide on cost structure?

Worry not; this cost guide will demystify all your pricing-related doubts

regarding various brick pointing / repointing jobs,

including brick wall construction, roof firming, and house makeover.

Have a read below to find out more!

Brick Repointing: What's the cost?

A chimney is an essential portion of a house. Let's first discuss the price of pointing or repointing a chimney.

The cost of pointing or repointing a chimney would lie between £25 to £40 per square metre.

That would conclude an average cost of £450 to £950.

What if I am looking to repoint my house?

For pointing/repointing a terraced property, you could be charged anywhere between £3000 to £4000.

For a semi-detached house, the average cost is £2300 to £3000.

For sides of a house, the usual cost is £1400 to £2100.

How much scaffolding would cost?

If scaffold or staging is required at your site, it would add a few hundred to several thousand pounds more.

The add-on cost would lie between £50 to £140 a day.

Factor affecting the repointing cost

Multiple factors like size/type of property, type of repointing area, number of craftsmen working on the site, property location, approachability, and climate, will conclude the overall price.

Labour costs vary in every region of the UK. You may google "Repointing specialist near me" to find the cost of repointing in your locality.

Repointing Prices

​Job Description


Point/Repoint a Wall

£30 to £50 per m2

Point/Repoint a Chimney

£500 to £1000

Point/Repoint the Side of a House

£1400 to £2100

Point/Repoint a Semi-detached House

£2400 to £3100

Point/Repoint a Terraced House

£3200 to £4100

Supply Costs of Brickwork Repointing?

Depending on the scale and extent of the work involved, the average supplies cost for pointing or repointing brickwork is £90 to £280.

Cost of Supplies for Brickwork

Wire Brush

£1 to £4

Soft Brush

£1 to £6

Pointing Trowel

£5 to £10


​£5 to £16

Mortar Mix

£1 per kg

Mortar Board

£30 to £70

Cement Mixer

£100 to £400

Please note that the supplies cost discussed above does not include labour, scaffolding, and waste removal expenses.

If you decide to do the job by yourself, you'll need to buy the following materials required to point or repoint brickwork.



​Cement Mixer

​£100 to £400

​Mortar Board

​£30 to £70


​£5 to £15

​Wire Brush

​£1 to £4

​Soft Brush

£1 to £6

​Mortar Mix

​£1 per kg

​Pointing Trowel

​£5 to £10

Additional Costs of Repointing Brickwork?

You may incur extra costs during a pointing or reporting brickwork. Here are some examples.

Must Bare Fee

A minimum fee per day is no new concept. It's a charge set aside from other expenses that you need to pay for the decided duration irrespective of work-done days/time.

If the per day labour charge is £150, you will have to pay for the entire day even if the work was finished before official working hours.

Or, if a week-long project is completed in five days and two hours, you are supposed to pay the full amount for the week.

Size & Type of Property

The requirements of your property will decide the virtue of the work.

If you own a villa and plan to point or repoint the entire property or a large section or even the standard portion like a chimney, the additional cost will increase.

Type of Pointing/Repointing

The overall brickwork repointing cost depends upon the method of pointing/repointing used.

The price may also differ according to the quality and quantity of material used: such as mortar, cement and concrete.

Labour employed

As hiring more tradesmen will ensure quick work, it may also increase labour costs.

However, It generally depends on the work efficiency of tradespeople as a team.

Work Duration

The time taken for pointing/repointing brickwork will determine the labour cost.

More work time means more labour costs. However, if a preset labour fee applies, the duration becomes irrelevant.

You must discuss the cost details with the contractors before the work begins.

Also, The time duration is relevant if you are paying on an hourly basis.


Tradesmen Costs for Brickwork Repointing

Here we'll discuss the labour cost for different jobs and other factors that might apply to pointing/repointing brickwork.

The average cost per day per labourer can lie between £150 to £320.

Although, the price may vary as per the factors we have discussed in the article before, like the ease of excess, property type/size, weather conditions, labour requirement.

How Long Does Brickwork Repointing Take?

The time taken to point/repoint a structure depends upon several prevalent factors that include;

  1. Property type and size

  2. Climate

  3. Number of labour Working

  4. Ease of access

  5. State of the work area

  6. brick pointing styles

  7. stone pointing styles

  • Commonly, pointing/repointing a wall takes one to two days.

  • Pointing/repointing a Chimney may take up to five days.

  • The side of the house takes five to seven days.

  • A semi-detached house will take 12-16 days to complete a point/repoint job.

  • A terraced house takes 15-20 days to get pointed/repointed.


Brickwork is serous job that requires skilled tradesmen to work under full efficiency.

The cost of Brickwork depends upon various factors including property size, location and pointing styles.

A brickwork can stay for nearly 50 years if done correctly.

You should discuss with your homemaker before deciding a brickwork style.

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