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Lime Mortar Pointing Specialist


About Us

We are DVN

We are DVN - We are England-based Brickwork Restoration & Pointing Specialist.

DVN commenced operations a few years ago with the ambition of making homes sturdy, beautiful, and inspirational.

What Makes us Special?

We perform all kinds of exterior work such as Brickwork Restoration, Brick Replacement, Pointing, Repointing, Stone Decoration, Guttering, and Rendering without the possibility of an error. 

Also, Our pricing is affordable and includes all of our features at every service level. Plus, we ensure to bring a smile to your face.

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Our Projects

Brick Repointing
Repointing work
Repointing work
best repointing work
Wall repointed using lime mortar
Brick Repointing Work

We are the Skilled Workmen of London.

The experience gained through these years allows us to offer our customers the finest quality of pointing and repointing brickwork service in the United Kingdom.

Our Brick Restoration Service is Different and Better.

We ensure "quality at work". Being a lime mortar pointing specialist, we don't use any cement for pointing or repointing brickwork but lime mortar!


BUT Why? 

Lime mortar is more porous and softer compared to cement mortars.

This property of lime mortar allows the moisture to evaporate from the joints more effectively, 

reducing the level of moisture in the fabric of the building making the build stay strong for good long years.

We Serve Here:

We are ready and capable of serving every ally and house in Berkshire and London.

Do not Hesitate to Contact Us for a Free Quote.

You can find "Contact details" and an "Enquiry Form" on the "Contact Us page.

what we offer


Brick Cleaning & Paint removal: We are expert at it.

The process involves:

  • Removing the paint or the dirt from the wall accumulated over the decades.

  • Restoring the original appearance of the brick.

  • Making them look beautiful and inspiring.

Our work has never gotten a negative review. On the contrary, we have securely delivered the best work all the time


We are also good at pointing jobs and create unique brick pointing styles. Try Us Now!

Pebbledash removal: Looking for a change? We got you!

In the case of pebbledash work, you lose the original brick pattern because, after the pebbledash has been removed, grinding bricks is a must to let the new design fit in. 


But don’t sweat it; the new design will impress you like hell as our brickwork is beyond elegance and a glimpse of our workmanship. 


The fresh stone pointing style will glorify the appearance of your home. So naturally, the visitors can’t resist the new style. 

Repointing: Your budget, your style.

Repointing is what we do 24/7. 

Without a doubt, Repointing is a skilful job that takes serious effort and dedication to conclude. 


And DVN is one of the few names in the brickwork job that deliver elegant finishing and rich patterns.


From a budget-friendly pointing/repointing job to luxurious brickwork, we have the right tools and experience to cater to all your needs and wants

Connect today. 

Wooden Furniture and Brick Wall


We are happy when you are happy.  Hear out what our customers have to say !

DVN was very professional yet understanding of the fact “what it takes to make a house look beautiful.” The team did a great job with the design and build.


Thanks to DVN for their lime based pointing work for my new house. Their material and finishing are excellent. Overall service was sublime. I will give a rating of 10/10 for DVN.


We had chosen DVN due to their expertise in repointing work. They were professional throughout the project and did deliver on time. We strongly recommend their service if you are looking for pointing or repointing your home.


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